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Failing is good for my soul, so I’ve learned through two college closures and many projects that fell flat. I’ve come to find as much comfort in welcoming the defeats as I do the successes. What we don’t know is much more interesting than what we do know. And so by allowing ourselves to fail continuously and graciously, we learn how to keep on searching and striving for the unknown.

This concept filters into my workflow and results in the constant growing and evolving of my photography. One facet that stays the same is my love for people and the memories that are created behind the scenes. My friends and family are my dearest subjects, along with my beloved closet. Fashion plays a major role in most of my work, particularly my earlier projects. I feel connected to my child-like play when I get to dress up my models in the full range of my quirky and colorful, yet vintage wardrobe. A theme I have consistently brought into everything I do is my relationship to the old and used. From vintage items to abandoned places, these are aspects of my photography that feel like the ease of walking into your childhood best friend’s home, a separate life that embraces your step inside and leaves you with a longing to understand. I use deserted buildings as backgrounds, typewriters for overlaying poetry, cabinet card frames for my prints, and recently disposable cameras and writing letters. I can’t let go of the past, but I can use it to push my work forward. 


Finalist: Lucie Foundation "Notions of Home"


IG: @mindfulmovementwithmak   &   @shorecrow   &    @makengagementphotography

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